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tv   KTVU News at 8pm  FOX  November 1, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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. tragedy tonight when a boat cap sizes killing four people onboard. the loan survivor has details. a group of people that made sure a humpback swam to safety.
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four people are dead tonight after one of the worst fishing disasters in the bay area in recent memory. it started on a fishing boat and ended with a wave turning the boat over and throwing the people into the chilly ocean waters. >> this was just before 10:00 this morning. when emergency crews arrived, three men and a woman were in the water. >> they pulled four unresponsive persons out of the water and identified one person that was responsive. >>reporter: a fifth person survived, a man wearing a t shirt and jeans and suffered from shakes presumably from the rocks. >> he was very confused, hyperthermic. >>reporter: he's been identified as a 66-year-old.
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>> when people are hype they -- hype therm >> wear your life jackets. if you've never gone out on the ocean, do some research. >> we want to give you new information we just got. i want to read it off the computer screen. it came in an e-mail from the sheriff's office. three of the four people who died have been identified. seventy-nine-year-old jessie daniel langley, 86-year-old
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samuel garcia and 60-year-old david costa, and the fourth people identified as a woman has not been released. >> good morning was marked by bullets and a homicide. >> i heard multiple what sounded like shots and a car screeching away. >> someone fired multiple shots at a man and hit him in the torso. the victim walked across the
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street and into pearl market where he collapsed. the storeowner called 911. the man later died at the hospital. >> i got up and walked out here, and an ambulance, fire truck, people screaming and crying, it was like out of a horror movie. it's not the way you want to wake up after a giants parade. >> i'm scared to go to the store and buy a bag of chips and a sandwich feeling like, what if i get shot. >>reporter: neighbors are concerned about the shootings and robberies. >> in the five years that i've been here, i have heard and witnessed so much criminal activity. >>reporter: this woman says the community change is needed. >> we were talking about having another neighborhood meeting and what can we do to try to
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help create a safer neighborhood. >>reporter: they hope shedding light on the problems can prevent another life from being lost and the neighborhood from turning into a crime scene. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. people who live in freemont are on edge after a male intruder entered a home and stole a gold necklace right off of a woman's neck. police were called to the freemont hub shopping center. investigators say a woman was inside her home with the front door opened when a man came in and snatched a gold chain from her neck. the suspect is identified as a black man between 30 and 35 and 5'10" to 6 feet tall.
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homeowners now have another place to get relief. earlier this week a center in napa started helping. businesses can get low interest loans. you can register online. >> every household is unique, and the questions that are asked on the intake process give us the ability to give them what they need. >> the 6.0 quake in august cost $362 million in damage. the centers in both areas are open seven days a week until further notice. the wet weather is causing joy in the sierra, but traffic worries as well. no chain restrictions on place for drivers headed to south shore or interstate 80 to the north shore of lake tahoe. the road were slick overnight and drivers were watching out
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for spinouts and crashes. >> we had one guy almost spin out in front of us, trying to go too fast. >> slow down. >> carry chains and slow down. it is slippery out there. no doubt about that. >> slippery or not, this young lady was thrilled to see the snow after three long years of drought. businesses are hoping that the early snow is a sign of better times to come. new information following the failed flight of a spacecraft in the mojave desert. authorities have identified the pilots. one was killed and another managed so parachuted to the
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ground. >>reporter: the acting chairman of the ntsb explained how the probe would start. >> today people will go to the data source and check the data. some will go to the site investigating witnesses, all the steps to do the on-site part of the investigation. >>reporter: after it detached, an explosion occurred and the craft broke up. it had been using new engines and a new type of solid fuel made from plastic that had been used successfully and tested again friday morning before the launch. also arriving at the spaceport, virginia founder, richard branson. >> in testing the boundaries, we're standing on the shoulders of chance.
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yesterday we fell short. we'll now assess the results of the crash and are determined to learn from this and move forward together as a group of friends. >>reporter: he pointed out that air travel eventually became very space. he admitted that his company would lose clients and future seats on aircraft. elections taking place on tuesday. the governor attended a voter rally near his family's ranch. he's focusing efforts on getting propositions one and two passed here in the state. a recent poll shows brown 20 points ahead of his rival.
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his challenger campaigned in silicon valley and said he is running hard and will sprint to the finish. supporters of proposition 46 gathered today. they shared stories. they say malpractice insurance companies spend millions of dollars to fight patient safety. >> it's egregious that the insurance industry doesn't want to allow accountability from the medical profession that they cover with their premiums. >> if passed, prop 46 would increase the state's cap on medical malpractice damage awards to over $1 million from the current cap of $250,000. opponents of prop 46 say the measure could force doctors to leave california to practice in states where medical liability insurance is more affordable.
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a humpback whale will have a chance at a long healthy life. it became entangled and was struggling. rescuers approached the whale, cutting the lines to free it. the whale then swam away. it's a reunion creating a lot of smiles tonight. the nurse cured of ebola and her dog back together again. the touching message she's sending to the people who cared for her pet while she was sick. walnut creek has people scrambling after an explosion blew the roof off their apartment complex. a woman who was inside the apartment when it went up in
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. neighbors continue to pick up the pieces after an explosion and will have to find another place to stay. six units here are destroyed and unlivable. the two men who suffered severe burns could face criminal charges related to behavior that started the fire. >>reporter: a security guard scrambled to keep people out of
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the apartment complex torn apart by yesterday's explosion. >> it was like a bomb went off. it was instant. >>reporter: the blast at the complex turned into a big fire>> it went on for a good while after it hit and crept out to the front room expecting to find a car sitting on my couch, and there was nothing. >>reporter: it was an explosion used in manufacturing hash. >> it destroyed not only units there, but damage up to 200 feet away in all directions. >>reporter: officials say the ignition source could have been something as simple as a static spark from walking on carpet. during the fire you could hear butane cans exploding.
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just imagine if the explosion had happened hours later when families were out trick or treating. >> numerous things could have made it worse. the time of day worked in our favor. >>reporter: some residents were allowed back in to get as much as they could. >> there's no power or gas or water, nothing like that. they said we can't really be back. >>reporter: for some of the affected residents, it could be two weeks before they're allowed to move back in. a. it was a year ago today that a gunman opened fire at los angeles international airport. a tsa officer was killed in the attack. friends and family of the victim joined together for a ceremony at the airport. a moment of silence for the tsa
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officer. after being held eight months in a mexican jail, is now back in florida. the marine sergeant was arrested after they found three fire arms in his truck at the tijuana border. he said he made a wrong turn crossing over the border. montel williams pressed heavily for his release. williams in fact was among those in san diego to see the marine sergeant reunite with his family. >> this experience is in a lot of ways has retraumatized him. >> the judge granted a humanitarian release on the weapons charges and recommended he get treatment for his ptsd. doctors upgraded the condition of a new york city doctor who became ill with
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ebola while working with those sickened with the disease. craig spencer is now said to be in stable condition, an upgrade from serious, but stable. he was brought to bellevue hospital on october 23 after developing a fever six days after he returned to new york from ginnie. the dallas nurse who recovered from automobile was reunited with her dog bentley today. bentley was quarantined for 21 days after his owner became sick. the city spokesperson said the dog tested negative and was cleared to go home. >> thank you for helping take care of bentley the last 21 days. caring for him as if he was their own and showing america that compassion and love is abundant and alive. >> she was declared ebola free
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and went home last week. she contracted ebola while caring for thomas eric duncan, the first patient diagnosed in the united states. he died on october 8. it was a very happy halloween for a bay area lottery player whose winning ticket is worth more than $600,000. it was sold there on 109 maitland drive. a second winning ticket with the same number was sold in los angeles county. those two tickets are worth $600,000 each. the showers are moving out, and the cold air remains in place. some parts of the area picking up significant rainfall over the past one to two days. in fact, here's a look at
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numbers addinging up. big sur station, nearly 3 inches of rain. santa cruz over an inch. amounts taper off as you work your way closer to freemont and san francisco. numbers adding up for the sierra as well. you can see snowfall totals around 3-10 inches. here's the latest on the stormtracker 2 radar. it looks like there's a thunderstorm around chico and redding. it will be very cold overnight. you can see 50s for santa rosa. san francisco probably mid-50s, around 55 degrees. for tonight we do have this. partly cloudy, cool and breezy. here is the live camera looking toward the bay bridge. a bit of chop on the bay.
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for tomorrow a cool start to the day with fair skies and a great day to watch the 49ers. mostly sunny skies, temperatures in the upper 60s with winds out of the northwest about 12 miles an hour. no more rain clouds in the five- day forecast. temperatures trending up a little bit for the afternoon highs. overnight lows the first thing tomorrow morning, cold numbers, upper 30s. san francisco 50 degrees and lots of 40s showing up for tomorrow. this was the area of low pressure that moved onshore. we have scattered showers especially for the southern half of the region. high pressure begins to rebuild. this will be the source of warming. high clouds will move into the region and heading to the monday forecast. the main storm track will be up to the north of the region. forecast highs for tomorrow, after the cold start recover being to the 60s. oakland 67 degrees. more neighborhoods in the upper
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60s and san francisco 65, half moon bay 63. here is a look ahead to the five-day forecast. you can see pretty quiet, but overnight lows chilly. wednesday the warmest could be flirting 80 degrees by wednesday afternoon. a big temperature shift the next few days. i think tomorrow morning definitely want to bundle up. >> clear skies and chilly. >> yeah. southern california still dealing with the weather when a mudslide forced the evacuation of homes north of la. heavy raven saturated the area about three hours before the slide happened. there have been no reports of anybody else trapped. in may of 2013 in the same area, a wildfire scorched 24,000 acres. officials say that could have played a role in the slide because there's not enough
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. sweet treats for cold hard cash.
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two dollars a pound for halloween candy, and the money raised will be donated to local charities as part of a nationwide halloween candy buy- back program. nothing too sweet about stanford's football team. >> you are correct. it's always a mystery which costume the ducks will be sporting. right out of the shoot they went on a 75-yard drive capped by this nelson pass, making it 7-3. mario always a threat to pass or run. he will keep it here on the way to a 22-yard score. the cardinals got close before halftime. pulled down at the 1 , and run it is in from there. early in the third the
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cardinals on i drive that could have made it closer, but the pass is picked off. the ducks got the ball back at their 1 . they then proceeded to put it away with a big second half. the ducks put up 21 straight points. usc players get ac mated before the game. forced to punt on the first series. the 65-yard turn two minutes into the game. the trojans in front 7-0. they jump to a 24-0 lead on what would be a big day for these two guys. 400 yards and five touchdowns, in the win.  it's a 7-7 game in the
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second quarter. that's what you call breakaway speed. he won't stop until he gets in the end zone. a game that went back and forth. they trailed by 7 early in the fourth. to tyler winston and tied at 24, but the rams had a guy the spar the d couldn't stop. the final colorado state. the warriors playing in the home opener against the lakers. thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> and we're always here online at and all the ktvu aps. we'll see you at 10 .
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howard's capsule should be reentering the atmosphere any minute. it'll be good to have him back. the fantastic four reunited! (chuckles) yeah, you had a good run, fake wolowitz. we'll remember you with nostalgic fondness. the way we do the dial-up modem, the vhs tape, or... or leonard's gym membership. we're not kicking him out. stuart and i have become good friends. okay, one vote for, one vote against. leonard, you're the tiebreaker. i don't have a problem with stuart. besides, he gives us a 20% discount at his comic book store. well, i don't sell my friendship that cheaply. i can go 30. welcome aboard, old chum. okay, the nasa web site says


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